Sulean's Wearable Papillon Art

I became acquainted with Nancy Miller Pinke from Minnesota in 1994 at

a Papillon dog show and we became fast friend.  I consider her a mentor

of the bred to me and a friend.  I have learned alot about breeding and

Papillons in general from her.


Several years ago I came up with an idea to do a T-shirt based on her artwork.

I commissioned her to draw a head study picture, which she did and our first

T-shirt went into production. I had knowledge about silk screening and

embroidery from a previous job, and I loved to sew so it was a natural evolving.


I have always enjoyed wearing items that reflected my hobby of owning

Papillons and thought other would too. Nancy Miller Pinke agreed,

and has done ALL the art work for these designs.



The first T-shirt was a WINDBLOWN and it is screened on the

front in black ink using a variety of T-shirt colors.

Sizes : Small, Medium, Large , XLarge and 2 x XLarge

Click here to to place your order : Windblown

2nd T-shirt, I wanted a full body and Nancy came up with the SPOT LIGHT

T-shirt which shows a light being case down on a full body Papillon with

butterflies in the light. This shirt are silk screened on front using white ink

to black tee shirts.  Sizes : Medium, Large , 1 XLarge and 2 x XLarge

Click here to to place your order : Spot Light

3rd T-shirt, I requested Nancy to draw sleeping Papillons and we did

a sleep T-shirt, which has the saying under the 2 Papillons DOG TIRED.

This shirt comes in one size fits all and is done in Light Pink, Yellow,

Purple, Pale Blue, and Hot Pink.

Sorry, the "Dog Tired" sleep shirt is sold out !



In 2007, I requested Nancy draw some simple line designs of

Papillons that I could embroidery onto a variety of items.  She did 5 different

designs to show off a Gaiting Papillon, a Phalene, an Agility Papillon as well

as a Head Study and a Standing Papillon.

These designs have been sewn by me onto : Denim Long Sleeve Shirts,

Sweat shirts, Polo Shirts,  Jacket, Towels, Throws and Koozie bags.


All designs can be embroidered onto :
Demin Long Sleeve Shirt

NEW 2007

Sweat Shirt
Polo Shirt
Koozie Bags

Click to enlarge the designs !

The NEW 2007 Embroidered Designs - Click to enlarge and see  the designs !


Custom work available for trophies and awards as well as personalize

items with your dog or kennel name.

Please contact me for pricing on special items.


Nancy Lucas Ferverda