About me ...


I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother to 5 beautiful

grandchildren and a friend.
I have many hobbies and interest including my dogs, my sewing and many

art forms.
My introduction into the breed of Papillons came through my daughterís
interaction with county fair and the local 4-H club as a Junior Handler.

With the help of our 4-H leader, Betty Culbreth and friend Barbara Cecil

we acquired our first Papillon from Dorthea Robinson in 1987.
I will be forever grateful to these 3 people for their kindness, time and effort
spent helping my daughter. Amanda did achieve the honor of being the

# 1 Junior Handler for the sate of Texas as well as the Papillon Club of

America in 1990. When Amanda left dogs to pursue other activities I took

over the showing of the dogs and began to have an interest later in breeding.

I had grown up showing horses, so showing dog came naturally and after all

how hard could it be, I had watch my daughter win over and over for years.

I had been involved in 4-H and participated in showing livestock as well as

Quarter horse judging in my youth.
I attended my first National show in 1991 in Tempe, Arizona. I learned a
great deal about the breed and at that show I found "a look" and a line of
Papillons that I fell in love with. I have pursued this line since that time
working very hard to create a dog that I have in my mind's eye. I am a small
hobby breeder keeping less than 10 dogs in my home usually and breeding
only 1 or 2 litters a year to produce a show prospect for myself. I have

continued to attend each National every year possible, missing only 2 in

the last 20 years due to family illnesses.
My husband has recently retired and in an effort to down size the number of

dogs I keep so that we can travel, I have limited my breeding in the past

couple of years, which has allowed me to pursue more hobbies and interest.

I continue to work part time for U S Customs and Border Protection and

probably will for several more years.
I am a member of the Houston Area Papillon Club and serve as the

Secretary/Treasure of that small up and coming Papillon club. We are hopeful

to become AKC certified and to host the Papillon National here in Houston

Texas. I also continue to be a member of the Papillon Club of America.
I am a member of the Lakeview Quilt Guild and am currently serving as the

Hospitality Chairman. Quilting has become very important as I am teaching

my daughter and daughter in law as well as the grandchildren this life long

skill. Even my life long friend Betty Culbreth Rich has joined me in quilting

these days as well as our mutual friend Connia Webb. We all raised our kids

together and now the kids all are in there 30ís with grandkids.
I am also a member of the Houston Calligraphy Guild which I find very


Plans and locations are being made for me to start teaching Zentangle.

I will post my class information here on this website as soon as I have

worked it out.


Thank you to those emailing with interest, I am sure we will meet soon.


Nancy Lucas Ferverda